The Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society is about addressing the key issues and challenges of our time

Since 2005 the Women's Forum for the Economy & Society has been the world's leading platform for women's views and voices on major social and economic issues. Along with the flagship Women's Forum Global Meeting in Deauville, France, groundbreaking Women's Forum Meetings have taken place in Brazil, Myanmar, Brussels, Italy, Dubai, Mexico and Mauritius.


Each Women's Forum Meeting is a sounding board for today's important ideas and a springboard for tomorrow's solutions. Our historic areas of concern are not limited to "women's issues" – simply because all issues are women's issues.


Headquartered in Paris, the Women's Forum for the Economy & Society is a Publicis Groupe company.


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Management & Team

Women's Forum Team at the Women's Forum Global Meeting 2015



Clara Gaymard, Executive President clara.gaymard@womens-forum.com

Chiara Corazza, Managing Director chiara.corazza@womens-forum.com


Myriame Morteau, Executive Assistant myriame.morteau@womens-forum.com



Jennifer Milliken, Programme Director jennifer.milliken@gmail.com


Global Meeting Discovery Programme

Stefan Draszczyk, Senior Consultant stefan.draszczyk@womens-forum.com


Partnership & Delegates

François-Alexandre Bertrand, Partnership & Business Development Director francois-alexandre.bertrand@womens-forum.com

Jean-Christian Agid, Senior Consultant & Project Manager: CEO Champions, Women's Forum Brazil, Women's Forum Mexico jean-christian.agid@womens-forum.com

Thomas Ladougne, Delegates Coordinator thomas.ladougne@womens-forum.com

Jennifer Le Corre, Business Account Manager & CEO Champions Coordinator Jennifer.LeCorre@womens-forum.com

Stephanie Shaw, Partnership Director Europe stephanie.shaw@womens-forum.com

Oxana Solomakha, Delegates Coordinator Oxana.Solomakha@womens-forum.com

Mathilde Guyot, Partnership Assistant mathilde.guyot@womens-forum.com



Delphine Marçais de Segonzac, Brand & Communications Director Delphine.Marcais@womens-forum.com

Randall Koral, Senior Consultant Media Relations randall.koral@womens-forum.com

Gwenaëlle Morin, Communications & Publishing Manager gwenaelle.morin@womens-forum.com

Julie Bensaid, Digital Communications & PR julie.bensaid@womens-forum.com


Finance & Administration

Gabriel de Gorostarzu, Financial and Administrative Officer gabriel.de.gorostarzu@womens-forum.com



 For more information, please contact us at contact@womens-forum.com


Women's Forum, 59 bd Exelmans, 75781 Paris Cedex 16

Tel : +33 1 58 18 62 00 – Fax : +33 1 58 18 62 01