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Embracing Power & Purpose 


Under the vision of Embracing Power & Purpose, the Women’s Forum in 2020 will focus on informing, influencing and empowering women and men to step up, to take action to change the status quo, to break the barriers for women. In many countries and societies, efforts have been made, best practices shared, public policies implemented to narrow the gender gap but much has to be done to accelerate the progress on gender equality. As we face the opportunities and challenges brought by digital transformation, political upheavals, climate change among many other trends of 2019, it’s critical to integrate diversity and inclusiveness as indispensable standards for sustainable and progressive development.

2019 was the year of challenge and year of results. We delivered what we promise: concrete actions and solution to promote women in the economy and society. It is now time to take the lead all year round in all our events, to influence global agenda including the G7 and G20. This year, our ambitious agenda is to leverage individual and collective leadership to construct impactful conversations and drive solutions generated at our Meetings towards concrete results.

With this overarching theme, the Global and Regional Meetings of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society are animated by programmes and initiatives taking on the most pressing global issues and challenges facing humanity. The related themes of each meeting help to organise our collective thinking and unlock a body of insights and content that create influence and impact throughout the year. 

With each programme, our goal is to focus on driving the discussion towards action and ask participants – what do we do next?

We are committed to bringing diverse perspectives to these discussions. They include leaders from different backgrounds and experiences, multiple geographical regions, both the public and private sector, including cultural organisations and NGOs. We also succeed in creating a mix of established and up-and-coming contributors to our plenary sessions and discussions, moving beyond the usual suspects. With their finger on the pulse of established and emergent issues, our speakers put our programme at the leading edge of a global exchange of ideas.

The creation of programmes and initiatives for the year’s meetings are co-construced by the Women’s Forum and committee of senior thought leaders in business, government, cultural, media and civil society. This brain trust reflects the same diversity of experience and opinion that we seek to bring to the programme itself.


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Management & Team




Kristin Scott Thomas, Honorary President (see full biography here)

Chiara Corazza, Managing Director chiara.corazza@womens-forum.com (see full biography here)

Carla Abiven, Executive Assistant carla.abiven@womens-forum.com





Matteo Cadenazzi, Public Policy Advisor matteo.cadenazzi@womens-forum.com

Nadia Caïd, Development Manager nadia.caid@womens-forum.com

Marie Darcas, Partnership Assistant marie.darcas@womens-forum.com

Monique Elliott-Smith, Delegates Coordinator monique.elliottsmith@womens-forum.com

Inès Fontelas, Project Coordinator ines.fontelas@womens-forum.com

Olimpia Giusti, External Affairs Manager olimpia.giusti@womens-forum.com

Gabriel de Gorostarzu, Finance & Administration Officer gabriel.de.gorostarzu@womens-forum.com

Mathilde Guyot, Partnership Manager & Rising Talents Initiative Lead mathilde.guyot@womens-forum.com

Elisa Hicks, Delegate Success Manager elisa.hicks@womens-forum.com 

Daphné de Kermoal, Director, Global Coordination daphne.dekermoal@womens-forum.com

Sophie Lambin, Editorial Partner, Women's Forum Global Meeting sophie.lambin@womens-forum.com

Delphine Marçais de Segonzac, Executive Director delphine.marcais@womens-forum.com

Laetitia Marimbert, Project Coordinator laetitia.marimbert@womens-forum.com

Gwenaëlle Morin, Communications & Publishing Manager gwenaelle.morin@womens-forum.com

Ha-My Nguyen, Regional Programme Manager & CEO Champions Initiative Lead hamy.nguyen@womens-forum.com

Thanh-Huong Nguyen, Communication & Business Development Manager thanh-huong.nguyen@womens-forum.com

Jessica Sanchez Garcia,  jessica.sanchezgarcia@womens-forum.com

Yubai Wu, Brand Content Manager yubai.wu@womens-forum.com





 For more information, please contact us at contact@womens-forum.com


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