• CEO Champions

    CEO Champions serves as a platform through which C-level and senior executive global leaders, men and women, gather to establish new and innovative ways to drive women’s corporate empowerment.


    The Rising Talents Initiative aims to distinguish highly talented young women who are on their way to becoming influential figures in our economies and societies.


    Women in Media contributes to strengthening women's voices and to promoting their representation as experts and professionals in the media as a whole, whether traditional or digital.

  • Women in Innovation

  • The Discovery

    The Discovery, co-created by the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society and partner organizations, is the informal networking space and knowledge centre unique to the Women’s Forum Global Meeting.

  • Women in Sport

    The Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society is proud to launch Women in Sport, with a dedicated programme at the 2016 Women’s Forum Global Meeting. Gender equality is long overdue in professional sport. The future of sport belongs to women.

  • Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

    The Cartier Women's Initiative Awards wish to express their deep commitment to empowering women and supporting female-run business by celebrating International Women's Day.