Originally built on the theme of the 2017 Global Meeting – Daring to lead in a disrupted world - the Daring Circles invite leaders to question their assumptions, and to re-engage for the impact they want to create in their organisations and their communities. These cross-industry working groups have the ambition of translating the rich agenda of the Women’s Forum Meetings into permanent conversations to deliver tangible positive societal and economic outcomes for women and society.                                                                            

The Daring Circles invite select business leaders, experts and influencers to engage for long-term positive impact on issues where women are disproportionately impacted and where the leadership of women is paramount. Together, the Daring Circles inform and shape the debate on selected issues and promote collaborative ways of working among our institutions in the face of continuing global challenges. 


How do the Daring Circles work?                                                 

  • Each programme is comprised of a combination of strategic members, global partners, a knowledge partner(s) to source content and insights and an institutional partner(s) with relevant policy influence and expertise.
  • The Daring Circles are designed to generate evidence-based insights and drive tangible action among Daring Circle members and beyond.



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Women & Climate

The Circle seeks to identify the levers and initiatives needed to accelerate the transition to a green economy and harness it for women’s empowerment, enable women to lead actions against climate change and address the disproportionate impact that climate change has on women.


Women & AI

The objective of the Daring Circle is to inspire organisations to apply a gender-lens to their AI development and implementation, and pledge their commitment to inclusive AI.

The Circle focuses on two pillars :

  • women empowering AI and driving it forward,
  • the potential of AI to redress women’s status in society and contribute to a better world for all.


Women & STEM

The objective of the Daring Circle is to increase the representation, leadership and impact of women with STEM skills at all stages of the pipeline from school to boardroom. The Circle highlights the link between STEM skills, access to jobs and the potential for positive societal impact.


Women & Access to Health

The Women & Access to Health Daring Circle helps improve women’s access to health. It addresses gender gaps, ensures women lead in healthtech, and makes sure these issues are on the agenda of companies and governments.


Women & Business

The Circle brings together an ecosystem of partners to raise awareness on the power of procurement for women’s economic empowerment and promote women-owned, -led and -empowered businesses.