The Discovery

The Discovery is the informal networking space and knowledge centre unique to the Women’s Forum Global Meeting. The setting for this hive of activity is the 2000m² Discovery Hall, where elegant and vibrant working areas, specially designed lounges and bars, and dedicated session venues (Amphitheatre and Odeon) make The Discovery the place to be and to be heard.


The Discovery programme, co-created by the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society and partner organizations, is purpose-built to create alliances, strengthen learning returns and open networking opportunities. The theme for the 2016 Women’s Forum Global Meeting, Is the sharing economy a sharing world?, carries into The Discovery with seven “Hubs” serving as content relays for the three thematic pillars of the general programme:  The sharing economy and the sharing world; The collaborative edge; and Leading for new economic opportunities for women.


Corners, organized and created by individual partner organizations, host 45-minute sessions, typically two or three per day.


Hubs are co-created by the Women’s Forum together with partner organizations, with the name of each Hub reflecting a specific theme or a topic of interest. Partners build on the theme of each Hub with 45-minute sessions and “Meet with…” networking moments.


Activities: The Discovery is a place to relax, learn and enjoy. Partner organizations contribute activities such as coaching for media professionals, portrait photographs, and make-up services.


Discovery Hubs at the 2016 Women’s Forum Global Meeting


The Lab

In our rapidly changing world we have to be ready to think and act creatively in any situation! In The Discovery at the 2016 Women’s Forum Global Meeting, The Lab examines creativity in engineering and technology, spotlighting new sources of inspiration and new ways to rise to the challenges of an open-innovation world. The Lab brings together delegates from a wide variety of fields and endeavours with thought-leaders from key technology and engineering firms and the sci-tech start-up community. The Lab also promotes knowledge sharing with case studies on how creativity and technologies and engineering are improving lives sustainably.


Finance Hub

New methods for financing have the potential to create virtuous cycles of growth in the financial services sector. The Finance Hub is the place to explore new paradigms, among them Fin Tech; to learn about the latest trends in trade finance; and to exchange knowledge and ideas on business and finance. What can be done to make finance more truly inclusive? What are Brexit’s economic and financial consequences for Europe? Is digital disruption a threat or an opportunity for traditional financial institutions? What does the changing face of finance mean for society and consumers? 


Social Impact Hub

The Social Impact Hub inspires delegates to assess the impact they have on their communities and beyond, on a personal level and in their professional life. How can we use our skills and resources to increase our social footprint? How can corporations embrace and support the work of social enterprises around the world? Partner organizations highlight examples of programmes and initiatives, providing a source of inspiration and action for all.



Hubs for Initiatives by the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society


Rising Talents

The Rising Talents Initiative illustrates a strong belief shared by the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society and our partner organizations: the identification and nurturing of talent among women is vitally important for the future of global business and society. Each year some 15 young women join the international network of Rising Talents laureates, attend the Women’s Forum Global Meeting, and benefit from enhanced networking opportunities.


Women in Media

Women in Media, now in its seventh year, contributes to strengthening women's voices and to promoting their representation as experts and professionals in the media as a whole, both traditional and digital.


Women in Sport

As both athletes and fans, women are far more present in sport than they have been at any previous point in history, even as they continue to suffer discrimination on the field and in management, in the amount of prize money available to them and in the media coverage they receive. Women in Sport, an Initiative by the Women's Forum for the Economy & Society, spotlights the latest advances in the industry and highlights the role of sport as an instrument for progress in economies and societies. The 2016 Women's Forum Global Meeting features sessions and workshops with record-breaking women who are pushing the limits and paving the way for future generations.


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Water and Recycling by Nestlé Waters

Stay hydrated ! Help yourself to bottles of sparkling and still water from fridges and recycle the empty bottles in a specially-designed recycling container in the same location.


In addition, Orange, The Renault-Nissan Alliance, Sanofi and Shiseido choose to have dedicated Corners in The Discovery.

Partner organizations will also contribute to “activities” in the Discovery Hall, such as coaching for media professionals, portrait photographs, make-up services, digital wall, and bars and lounges allowing Global Meeting delegates to meet and relax in an informal setting.