Women & AI

Ethical artificial intelligence

The Women & AI Daring Circle is led by Microsoft in collaboration with Google, L’Oréal, BNP Paribas, Publicis Groupe and AXA. The partners are joined by UNESCO as an institutional partner, HEC as an academic partner, and Ecole 42, Shearman & Sterling and the Oxford Internet Institute as experts. FTI Consulting supports the Circle as knowledge partner.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a growing influence on the way we work and live, but just 22% of AI professionals globally are women – meaning that existing biases, errors and inequalities can be missed, reflected and reinforced. Conversely, if designed by diverse teams and governed appropriately, AI can help shape a more inclusive world even beyond the developed world and the workplace. 

This Circle focuses on two pillars, women empowering AI and driving it forward, and on the potential of AI to redress women’s status in society and contribute to a better world for all. It seeks to inspire companies and governments to act and to pledge their commitment to inclusive AI and adopt effective policies. It will advocate for inclusive AI using year-round engagements to explore and highlight inclusive practices and to demonstrate the value of women’s perspectives in empowering AI.

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