Women & STEM

Leadership through STEM 

The Women & STEM Daring Circle is led by Google in collaboration with American Express, L’Oréal, Microsoft, P&G, Orange, Lenovo and Johnson & Johnson. Boston Consulting Group supports the Circle as knowledge partner, and Shearman & Sterling, Accenture, ESA and IMF as partners. Politecnico Milano supports the Circle as academic partner and UNESCO and OECD as Institutional Partners. 50inTech and Ecole 42 take part to this Daring Circle as experts.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are transforming the world in many ways, from clean energy slowing climate change, to communications and sensing technologies creating better living environments. This also means the demand for technological skills will balloon. However, not all groups are represented equally in STEM education, careers and roles. Women make up less than a third of STEM researchers worldwide. Greater inclusion will strengthen innovation and advancement in STEM, leading to greater opportunities for all.

The Daring Circle recognizes the importance of taking a holistic and system view which targets the full breadth of the Women & STEM pipeline simultaneously; from education to the corporate environment and beyond. This circle of partners aims to advance and remove barriers to women’s leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathematics occupations at all levels, thereby increasing women’s impact through STEM and on the future of STEM itself.

Through its three parallel and mutually supportive work-streams, the Daring Circle collaborates to launch pilot actions that members can volunteer for and learn from as a group, complimenting those actions with research to validate current practices as best practice, provide the basis for adopting new best practices, and to build a campaign around a new positive narrative for Women in STEM.


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