Women & Climate

Scalable climate action   

The Women & Climate Daring Circle is led by L’Oréal and BNP Paribas, in collaboration with Microsoft and in association with Engie. The Daring Circle draws on contributors and experts from the UNFCCC, C40, R20, We Mean Business, and the OECD. KPMG in association with EcoAct are supporting this Circle as knowledge partners and HEC as academic partner.               

Climate change affects different groups disproportionately and differently: for example, women make up 80% of those displaced by climate change. But women and other disadvantaged groups are not just climate victims - their actions, perspectives and leadership have the potential to drive progress on tackling climate change. Their inclusion, empowerment and participation in climate action are critical to successful climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. And in turn, the transition to a greener economy creates opportunities to accelerate progress on equality and economic empowerment for everyone. 

The Daring Circles wants to identify the levers necessary to build solutions that both empower women to lead actions against climate change and that consider and address the disproportionate impact climate change has on women’s empowerment and equality whilst creating a new, greener economy. The imperative for the Daring Circle's focus is two-fold:

1) Greater empowerment and participation of women is critical to successful climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.

2) The transition to a green economy must create opportunities to accelerate progress towards equality and empowerment for women.

Ultimately, the Circle’s focus is on identifying courses of action. Through a combination of scenario analysis, research, analysis of existing initiatives and expert consultation, the Circle works with a broad array of partners to communicate and promote solutions – both existing and new – to drive women’s empowerment and climate action simultaneously. The Daring Circle identifies and works to scale cross-sectorial and industry-specific initiatives that promote opportunities to achieve these goals.

The Women’s Forum launched the Charter for Engagement “Women leading climate action”, as a result of the Women & Climate Daring Circle’s work. This Charter aims to bring about a collective response from public authorities, private sector organizations and citizens at local and international levels.


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