Women & Access to Health

Equal access to health    

The Women & Access to Health Daring Circle is led by AXA and Sanofi in collaboration with BNP Paribas and Google, and in association with RB and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Mercer supports the Circle as Knowledge Partner. This circle of partners aims to improve and promote women’s access to health, in both developed and developing countries, by supporting emerging technologies that are addressing these gaps. 

Current healthcare treatments, practices, education and awareness are not available to all in an equitable manner around the world and throughout societies - with spiralling impacts.  Technology can provide innovative and scalable solutions to equitably improve access to healthcare for all. However, women's leadership must be scaled up for their diverse and representative perspectives to contribute to practice, policy and technological aspects of healthcare access.  

There are many barriers obstructing women’s access to health. Shortcomings in data or research to inform healthcare providers about women’s particular healthcare needs can result in misdiagnosis or improper treatment – including for mental health. Limited awareness, education and lack of information can limit women’s ability to care for themselves. Excessive distances and cost, in both time and money, are all interrelated factors that create difficulties for women in acquiring the care that they need. Through research and interviews with both partners and external experts, the Circle is deepening its understanding of the gaps in healthcare access for women. The partners are committed to addressing these issues, and in particular promoting women’s leadership in developing tech solutions.   

To put this commitment into action, this Daring Circle sponsored a call for initiatives. The goal is to support entrepreneurs and innovators who are creating solutions that improve women’s access to health and promote the role of women in enabling and providing access to health.


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