Engage for impact! Daring to lead in a disrupted world
5-6 OCTOBER 2017 Paris, France
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#WF15 Best Of Women's Forum Global Meeting 2015

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In the past year, the winds of change have blown over our economies and societies, upending norms that had underpinned the world order for decades. Unexpected election results are rocking political and geopolitical establishments. Automation and artificial intelligence are poised to change the nature of work, with societal implications that stretch the imagination. The ubiquity of social networks is bringing individuals newfound power – and unforeseen vulnerabilities – as consumers and citizens.

The message to leaders of public and private organizations is clear: it is time to question your assumptions and re-engage on the impact you wish to create in the world. This is a critical moment – and an unprecedented opportunity – for leaders, both women and men, to bring fresh perspectives and shape the future of a world in transition.

It is imperative for organizations to embrace new ideas to reinvent themselves in the face of this disruption to rebuild trust with employees, consumers and communities. To achieve that, they need new ideas, new ways of working together and a renewed recognition of the importance of women’s leadership.

The challenges mentioned are human issues, not gender issues. However, gendered perspectives are particularly relevant for their capacity to animate debates, provide fresh points of view and create the conditions for action.

In the spirit of disruption, the Women’s Forum Global Meeting is convening in Paris for the first time, in the Salles du Carrousel, where our largest-ever audience will explore issues and gather to take action. We expect delegates to glean new insights that are relevant to the colliding economic and political forces affecting their organizations and their lives.


We have organized our agenda around four pillars:


 I. Embracing our humanity: In a disrupted world, it is the people at the heart of institutions and organizations who will ultimately make them fit for the future. This pillar looks at the relationship between organizations and the people they employ and serve, and how businesses and institutions can embrace their humanity to lead through disruption.

II. Harnessing technology: The impact of technology is not a technical issue - it's a social one. We examine the social and economic implications of game-changing technologies, such as data analytics and artificial intelligence, how to diversify and enrich the environment that gives rise to new technologies, and how to better apply new technological developments to the pursuit of a better world.

III. Thriving through creativity: Creativity offers value at all scales - from personal fulfilment to world-changing invention. In this pillar, the most successful entrepreneurs, innovators, companies, and organizations share how they have systematically inspired and catalysed creativity and innovation.

IV. Shaping the future of work: The future of organizations depends on talent: engaging the right talent, with the necessary competencies and skills, and giving them the environment to succeed. This pillar looks at the competencies of the future and how businesses will find them, as well as how workplace environments and cultures engage and support workers to be committed and productive.


In addition to our main programme, we also offer ‘The Discovery ’ – a co-curated space with Women’s Forum Corporate & Institutional partners showing how participants are putting their principles into action.


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