A talk by Alfonso Romo Garza, Chief of Office to Mexico’s Presidency, Government of Mexico


By Felipe Orozco, Daniel Elizondo


The engineer Romo was educated in gender equality and the same has been transmitted to his children. Originally from the city of Monterrey, he mentions some very interesting data: the distribution of recent graduates who make up the finance area and the education sector is similar to 50% women and 50% men, but in the first there are only 3% women, while that in the second, women reach up to 89% in managerial and high level positions.


This tells us that beyond the challenges and barriers, there is also a vocation factor. For example, in the area of agrobiotechnology, almost 60% of women now hold positions. It is a reality that today there are countries like France where women occupy 43% of the workforce in the public sector, and 47% of people at boards are women, a stark increase since legislation for equality was passed. In Mexico, the first cabinet with 50% women and 50% men has been proposed in the current administration. 9 advanced laws for gender equity have been promoted.


A very important issue is education: the effort required to give dignity, self-confidence and strengthen emotional capital. This is a change that must be made from childhood – both for parents and children. Developing nations require greater effort to combat inequality, but education and respect for girls and boys is important. "Culture is changed with education.” Education is respect towards everything and the cell of a society is the family, so it is vital to maintain the balance between professional and family success.


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