Be Inspired at Women's Forum Global Meeting 2018!


What inspires you?


  • Connecting with others who encourage you to think big?
  • Building trust and understanding to solve global challenges?
  • Feeling other leaders’ energy and sense of purpose?

The challenges that we face today are significant. And inspiration can be a powerful force in unlocking fresh solutions through women’s leadership – especially for those challenges that disproportionately affect women. The 2018 Women’s Forum Global Meeting will contribute to generating and sharing the inspiration that we need to bridge divides that exist in this increasingly fractured world and create solutions that drive inclusive progress.


The Women’s Forum Global Meeting is convening in Paris once again. There you’’ll find a range of experiences for delegates to engage with the issues, make new connections and work together to drive inclusive progress. From more formal sesssions during the main programme to relaxed one-on-one conversations, the Women’s Forum Global Meeting enables delegates to experience the event at their own pace, access knowledge and meet other leaders who will support strategies for bridging humanity and creating the conditions for action.



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