Weekly update: Women's Forum Global Meeting 2016 to discuss the refugee crisis


The refugee crisis that began in 2015, the biggest mass migration In Europe since World War II, has triggered alarming headlines and tested the limits of tolerance in our societies. A recent poll showed that at least 64 percent of French people believe that asylum seekers arriving from North Africa and the Middle East are a “major source of crime."


Why are refugees only bad news today? That question is the starting point for one of our sessions in Deauville. For hundreds of years, refugees have been making irrefutable and quantifiable cultural, social and economic contributions to life in their new countries. So how did we come to this point, where media-driven hysteria seems to have elbowed aside any kind of common-sense discourse?


Our discussions in Deauville will also cover a wide range of issues related to this year's theme, Is the sharing economy a sharing world? Click here to find a complete list of speakers and sessions for the 2016 Women's Forum Global Meeting.


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