Manifesto for the G7 Summit



At the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, we believe in the power of women to bring fresh perspectives and new solutions to the issues affecting all of humanity. Indeed, we believe women are the bridge to building inclusive economies where everyone has the opportunity to contribute. 


That’s why empowering women and achieving gender equality can’t wait. The time is now.


And it’s why we are offering this manifesto to the G7 ahead of their summit at Charlevoix.  


Built on the discussions at Women’s Forum Canada, 10-11 May 2018, this manifesto brings together the perspectives of more than 700 global leaders – mostly women – on how to address the gaps in economies and societies and recognize the opportunities for meaningful change. The recommendations and solutions presented here represent the spirit and the heart of our conversations, and are inspired by best practices from across the G7 nations.  


We call on the G7 to consider these recommendations during their discussions this week and in their on-going work.


And we call on you to read this manifesto, share it with your networks and send us your reactions. 


Join us as we engage for impact.