26-27 March 2019

European Convention Centre Luxembourg


Stand Speak Rise Up! is an international conference committed to ending sexual violence in fragile environments. The event is an initiative of Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and her foundation, who will unite with two NGOs, the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation and We are NOT Weapons of War. It is organised in collaboration with the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, and with the support of the Luxembourg Government.


The conference will bring together key actors from across the international community, including the private sector, with a particular emphasis on members of the financial and digital sectors, to expand the scale and impact of existing efforts as well as identify new and sustained solutions. It will act as a platform for multi-stakeholder collaboration and give a voice to survivors, who are central to the design of effective programmes and interventions.


Thematic arcs

The programme will be developed around three interrelated arcs. These arcs will ensure alignment across and between sessions and workshops in the programme. These are outlined provisionally below:


  1. Know the system, fix the systemCreating the conditions for a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms and root causes of sexual violence in fragile environments. This arc will delve into the systematic and structural nature of sexual violence, and its long-term socio-economic impacts on individuals, families and future generations.
  2. Strong, not silenced: Giving a voice and a platform to survivor communities; raising their international profile, acknowledging their suffering, and recognizing their strength. This will be an explicitly emotional component of the event. It will ensure a strong focus on listening to survivors, involving them in design processes, and empowering them through the conference’s activities and output.
  • Unify to act: Connecting diverse stakeholders to facilitate concrete action – among and between Francophone and Anglophone NGOs, companies, governments, supranational institutions, medical support and healthcare providers, financial bodies, legal advocates, survivor’s networks and other humanitarian actors. The conference seeks the strong involvement of the financial and digital sectors, both from Luxembourg and abroad, to highlight how financial innovation and new technologies can help empower survivors and transform their community and environment.


The event is by-invitation only.

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