WOMEN'S FORUM MEXICO 2017 - Unleash your leadership!


From left to right: Pedro López Sela, Disruptive Entrepreneur & Business Accelerating Facilitator; Mariate Arnal, CEO, Google Mexico; Esther Wojcicki, Chief Learning Officer, Planet3

Norma Bastidas, Survivor of sexual violence and human trafficking and ultra athlete; Rania Habiby Anderson, Founder,; Alyse Nelson, President & CEO, Vital Voices Partnership



Women's Forum Mexico 2017
Unleash your leadership!

8-9 November 2017
Hyatt Regency Mexico City




Women's Forum Mexico 2017 promotes an open and economically and culturally dynamic 21st-century Mexico. One of our tools is to introduce participants to some of the most engaged and relevant leadership mentors – women and men who know how to help you unleash your leadership, whether in the business, social or civic domains.

Is it learning and inspiration you are looking for? Then prepare to meet people like:


  • the founder of - and author of UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies - Rania Habiby Anderson who advises organizations on how to unleash the careers and businesses of women in Mexico, Latin and Central America, and beyond;
  • the new CEO of Google Mexico and former entrepreneur Mariate Arnal, who ranks among the most powerful Latin American women in tech;
  • ultra-marathoner, activist and mom Norma Bastidas, one of the leaders against bullying, child and women abuse and human trafficking; 
  • President & CEO of Vital Voices Global Partnership Alyse Nelson whose passion and commitment has led to one of the most effective networks of women leaders in 144 countries;
  • Pedro López Sela, the disruptive entrepreneur and business accelerating facilitator affiliated with Tecnológico de Monterrey who will lead a workshop on 9 November for entrepreneurs to increase access to knowledge, funds and markets; 
  • Chief Learning Officer of Planet3 Esther Wojcicki, one of the United States' most famous teachers who is revolutionizing the approach to education by promoting an environment where students have more control of their own learning.

This is but a first taste of the people who can help you unleash your leadership through Women's Forum Mexico.


Along with the world-class keynotes and plenary debates, the agenda includes eight workshops and an equal number of sessions in parallel focusing on leadership ROI issues such as Contemporary Mexican design: Taking it to the worldLearn from Canada-Mexico-Latin America business successes, and Creating change through effective social entrepreneurship. Everyone can find a leadership session relevant to them. With plenty of networking opportunities and participants who are all influencers or high-potentials in their fields, the 2nd edition of Women's Forum Mexico will blow open your personal leadership platform.