Daring to create and innovate in a disrupted world #WFGM17



We are living in a world of constant transition that requires fresh pattern of thoughts to navigate through the jungle of new external influences. Creativity offers value at all scales – from personal fulfillment to world-changing invention. Creativity and innovation is vital for an organization’s survival as complacency to innovate spells deaths to even established corporates. Innovation drives organizations, be it corporate or non-profit institutions, to greater heights and reap more social and economic returns. In the realm of public affairs, innovation is crucial to solve new challenges posed by a world in disruption that can no longer be approached effectively by obsolete institutional structures and methods.


Meanwhile, it takes courage and tenacity to create and innovate. Often as leaders are to implement a new approach or practice, they might face both internal, even in term of corporate values and mission statements,  and external oppositions like a lack of legal or institutional support for innovation.  Therefore, daring leadership is called for to overcome institutional barriers, spur innovation and reclaim growth. The advancement of women in established business and industries also play the key role in unlocking innovation for the success of their companies.  


As one of the four pillars of the 2017 Women’s Forum Global Meeting’s programme, the topic of ‘thriving through creativity’ will be discussed in plenaries, breakouts and workshops on pertinent issues such as ‘Inclusive arts for an inclusive society’, ‘Refashioning fashion: making ready-to-wear sustainable’, ‘Financial and business model innovations for social impact’, ‘Creativity for good: Refocusing innovators on what matters’. In this pillar, the most successful entrepreneurs, innovators, companies, and organizations share how they have systematically inspired and catalyzed creativity and innovation.


Come and meet these daring leaders who explore their ideas, challenge key assumptions and successfully leverage creativity to help their companies and organizations thrive.

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