Let’s end modern slavery: Launching anti-trafficking charter


By Romane Beaudouin, Alice Morin


At Women’s Forum Americas, we signed the Charter against human trafficking with  Norma Bastidas (survivor of sexual violence and human trafficking and ultra-athlete), Chiara Corazza (Women’s Forum), Paola Félix (México City Tourism Board) and multiple hotels - witnessed by Olga Sánchez Cordero (Minister of Interior, Government of Mexico)

The signature of this letter is the perfect opportunity to start and continue the fight against human trafficking. We can not wait another 20 years – we have to break the silence.

Paola Felix Diaz added that human trafficking is one of the most horrible crimes that can exist and contains sexual labour, exploitation and more. Mexico signed a commitment to work with the UN and the European Union, within a program called "Spotlight". This letter is a commitment to AIP, which was signed in partnership with hoteliers to help identify the victims.

Olga Sánchez Cordero also believes human trafficking is a matter of life, and it concerns all of us. The "Spotlight" agreement with the UN allows violence against women, femicides and human trafficking to be more visible . The signing of the letter and the agreement will make it possible to  all these acts of violence.


By signing the charter, the hotels committed to incorporate the following requirements to their hotel’s procedures  :

  1. Raise awareness among the employees by regularly training the staff on identifying and reporting warning signs of human trafficking, with a particular attention on the situation of women and children.
  2. Establish procedures, based on best practices, to respond to forced labor and sexual exploitation and provide support to the victims.
  3. Provide a secure and friendly working environment for female staff and workers.
  4. Ensure that integrity and dignity of each of our employees is protected and respected and that no member of our staff is working under constraint.
  5. Provide information to customers and travelers in our hotels about the programmes within the hotel subscribed on children’s rights, women’s rights and human rights.
  6. Provide information to people on how to avoid becoming victim of sexual exploitation and labor trafficking and what are the authorities to contact.
  7. Participate in the campaign #NoEstaSola (#YouAreNotAlone) helping women to find safe places in case of danger, identify warning signs and report situations of danger.
  8. Report regularly on the measures taken to eradicate human trafficking and sexual exploitation to the appropriate authorities.


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