The Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, wish to express its support for innovators, young talents, mayors, governments, education leaders, businesses and investors who are joining forces for the first time to declare their support for climate action to meet Paris Agreement targets.


In December 2015 in Paris, world leaders signed the first global commitment to fight climate change. The landmark agreement succeeded because nations – inspired by the actions of local and regional governments, along with businesses – came to recognize that fighting against climate change brings significant economic and public health benefits.

We affirm that women are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, as women constitute the majority of the world’s poor and are more dependent for their livelihood on natural resources. We also acknowledge that women are essential agents of change who possess crucial knowledge and expertise that can be used in mitigating the effects of climate change, in disaster prevention and reduction, and in developing strategies for adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change.” declares Clara Gaymard, President of the Women’s Forum and Chiara Corazza, Managing Director of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society.

“As women leaders, we want to affirm our commitment to the global mobilization against climate change, and the implementation of the Paris Agreement, thereby accelerating action and supporting each other with every stakeholder wanting to keep the promise of maintaining the rise of temperatures well below 2°C and trying to limit it to 1.5 C”. says Laurence Tubiana President of the European Climate Foundation.

We are not yet there; many more efforts must be deployed, and courageous and rapid choices have to be made for clean energy, clean transport, sustainable cities, sustainable agriculture and the preservation of forests and oceans. We need to invest, innovate, and bring each citizen on board. Any action by anyone will make a difference. We wish to recognize the vibrant reactions all over the world against the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. The decision by the US government is not the choice of the citizens of the world nor of US citizens.


A powerful movement has started, we will help it grow to make the transition to a trustful and sustainable society. As women, we are committed to make our planet a great place to live!


Signing the manifesto at Women's Forum Rome 2017