Looking Beyond the Visible #WFMX17


Art by Panmela Castro



Women's Forum Mexico 2017
Unleash your leadership!

8-9 November 2017
Hyatt Regency Mexico City

Looking Beyond the Visible



Unleashing leadership is accepting what is not immediately apparent, that we need to open doors and search, that we can revisit our unconscious bias and certainties about ourselves and those we meet, and about the organisations and countries with whom we work. Art and culture can enable us to go beyond the visible and unleash our leadership.

The second edition of Women’s Forum Mexico creates many opportunities to experience this.

- First through music. Our Rising Talent 2017 Marie-Agathe Charpagne is a pianist – but is piano her only talent? The opera singer Mariel Reyes Gil carries a voice that no one can forget – but was unearthing her talent so evident?

- How much do we know about the co-author of the song Despacito, songwriter and singer Erika Ender who became the first woman in the history of music to reach number one on Billboard for a song in Spanish?

- With visual artists Panmela Castro (from Brazil), Denise De La Rue, Betsabeé Romero (from Mexico) and author Brenda Lozano who will engage through discussions on art, cultural innovation and how culture can influence our perception of gender.

- A dinner can just be a dinner, but what if it is prepared by Mexican female chefs and entrepreneurs from throughout the country such as Maria Ines Dimas, speranza Galvan Hernandez, Catalina García, Fernanda Prado, Gabriela Ruiz L., and Mariana Valencia?

- Finally, our closing conversation, which includes the actress from Veronica and producer of The Dinner (featuring Richard Gere and Laura Linney) Rising Talents 2017 Olga Segura, who will share with us how movie narratives can impact female stereotypes.