WFMX16 Speaker's Interview: Mayra González, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Nissan Mexicana


 WFMX16 Speaker's Interview: Mayra González, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Nissan Mexicana


Mayra Gonzalez is the Vice President of Sales, Marketing, Customer Quality and Dealer Network Development for Nissan Mexicana (NMEX).  She was the first woman to become a member of NMEX’s executive committee and was responsible for the development of the first project of the local distribution network.


Why is nissan mexicana partnering with women’s forum mexico 2016?

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has been supporting the Women’s Forum since 2006, providing an update on gender progress and diversity every year. In this regard, it’s only natural that Nissan Mexico would partner with the first edition of the Women’s Forum in our country, and contribute to level the playing field for women in business, academia, politics and society.

This forum represents an important opportunity to bring together leaders from all over the world and discuss actions and solutions to open new social and economic opportunities for women in Mexico, and Nissan is proud to be a part of this.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance is the auto industry’s leading champion of gender equality. Having a diversified workplace where everyone gets opportunities for career advancement ensures the biggest possible talent pool for the Alliance, which ultimately drives profitability.


Why are you speaker at women’s forum mexico 2016?

As the first woman to become a member of Nissan Mexico’s executive committee and the current president of the diversity board, I’ve been chosen to represent our company in this forum. Nissan distinguishes itself for being a diverse and inclusive company, and gender diversity is one of its top priorities to promote. The different programs, committees, certificates, conferences, courses and debates that the company implements to support female talent around the world are a proof of that. I feel honored to represent Nissan  in this prestigious event and raise the voice regarding gender equity


Tell us more about your session “getting serious about inclusion in the workplace”

Closing the gender gap is not an easy subject, but through continued actions, we’ve managed to break some paradigms in Mexico. If we want to maintain a constant rhythm of economic growth, besides developing the right number of jobs, we should foster a greater access to education, learning, training and inclusion of women to the labor market.
If a higher number of women are involved in the labor market, the Gross Domestic Product for our country may increase. This is why in addition to education, it’s important to foster a balanced participation between women and men, as well as establishing the right measures to strengthen women’s access to economic opportunities, equal treatment and non-discrimination.

Also, to foster gender equity in Mexico represents an evolution process. To include women in the automotive business reflects a rational thinking behind it, for it is proven that 80 percent of the purchase decision comes from women. In recent years, the percentage of women working in Nissan has presented a significant increase, particularly in senior management positions.