Tomorrow’s leaders are also women ! #WFGM17


Tomorrow’s leaders are also women !


For most of the companies, seeking solutions to boost their growth, feminization of decision-making positions is a serious and powerful lever. Giving the floor to women when it comes to economic issues nowadays is key for transformation and growth’s new challenges.


As facts and figures related to women’s increasing quotas in companies’ managing bodies are stagnating – sometimes even dropping – this ambition is more than ever on top of the agenda. Even though the diversity issue is currently mobilizing a lot of stakeholders (media, public authorities, NGOs), women accession to leadership roles is still perceived as a constraint. In this disrupted world, it is however unfathomable to hope moving forward without paying a particularly greater attention to women’s leadership. There’s still a lot to do and one can’t just wait and see how gaps will narrow themselves !


This incredible energy provided through the Women’s Forum is a substantial tool available to progress on the field of diversity. For each companies and organizations supporting and participating to the Forum, as well as for Publicis Groupe, its shareowner, it appears as an imperative : one can’t neither attract best talents, nor meet corporate needs without including diversity, team working, mixing expertise, viewpoints, sensitivities. The Women’s Forum is therefore a laboratory allowing transformation while valorizing women’s talents and viewpoints for the purposes of provoking renewed ways of thinking on serious issues we are all facing every day. 1 500 high level participants from more than 85 nationalities will be gathered in Paris on October 5th and 6th to share ideas and their will to take action above all.


The Women’s Forum is also an irreplaceable platform for feminine networks : nowadays, more than 700 networks exist, finding their origin within the Women’s Forum dynamic for most of them. One of them, the Rising Talents initiative – promoting young women’s entrepreneurship – will celebrate its 10 years of excellence and success this year. The development of such networks reflects how determined women are to be source of inspiration for each other.


It is exactly this demonstrated goodwill, this positive energy, that we are eager to spread, all along this year and beyond the only Forums, because we share and care, and those are our best assets to fight against women exclusion in power and decision-making spheres.


Here’s our motto we are willing to export : let’s get involved ! Better than waiting for the world to change itself without us and regretting the unintended path it took. Men and Women, together let’s be our the main character of our destiny and let’s take steps, disrupt rules for the benefits of our companies, to allow emergence of greater solutions, for our children to be proud of our attempt to leave them a better world.



Clara Gaymard, Managing Director of the Women’s Forum

Chiara Corazza, Deputy Director of the Women’s Forum

Annes-Gabrielle Heilbronner,  member of the board and Secretary-General Publicis Groupe