Women for Change 2014


Women for Change 2014 

A joint initiative by the Orange Foundation and Women’s Forum, in partnership with Marie Claire



The Women for Change award, a joint initiative by the Orange Foundation and Women’s Forum in partnership with Marie Claire, was launched in 2013 to award two prizes (€25,000 each) to game-changing women's projects benefitting women and girls. Following an innovative worldwide online campaign, the 2013 prizes were awarded to:

  • Maria Raharinarivonirina, President and a founding member of SOS Villages d’Enfants Madagascar. She received €25,000 to finance her project, which involved building six “women’s homes” in the Madagascar’s southern provinces.
  • Marie Nomo Messina, director of the Hand in Hand Foundation in the Republic of Cameroon. She received the prize on behalf of the Romulus & Remus shelter, which cares for children, girls as well as boys, who have been abandoned or are in dire situations and which offers them education and life skills.

The Orange Foundation and the Women’s Forum share the vision of a world where women are the solution for long-term development. The Women for Change award aims to recognize women who are actors of change and drivers of growth, and give them the resources to expand their initiatives to help women and girls.

For the Orange Foundation and the Women’s Forum, the award is part of a long tradition of commitment to promoting women in the economy and society.

Five projects of exceptional African women are candidates for the Women for Change 2014 awards. These projects are described on the Orange Foundation website.  

Visitors to the website have their say to elect the most important project up to 14 October 2014. The project selected online will be announced at the beginning of the Women for Change pening dinner by Orange and the Women's Forum on 15 October and will receive a €25,000 grant. During the Dinner, participants of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting will have a chance to select a second project that they think is important, and the winning project will also receive a €25,000 grant. Because the Orange Foundation wants to support all of them, the three other candidates will each receive a €5,000 grant to help them develop their projects.



Votes are still open on Orange Foundation website! #WforC



Women for Change 2014 candidates :


  • Adama HAWAOU, Association des Femmes Haoussa pour le Développement (AFHADEV) (Republic of Cameroon)
  • Mariama MOUSSA,SOS Femmes et Enfants Victimes de Violence Familiales (SOS FEVVF) (Niger)
  • Masego MMIPI, Kgetsi Ya Tsie Women’s Trust (Botswana)
  • Togo Mariam SIDIBE, Association d’Appui à la Scolarisation des Filles (Mali)
  • Noushka TEIXEIRA, Matumaini (Democratic Republic of the Congo)