What #WF15 will do to energize the World: part 1 - Addressing vital needs


 The 11th edition of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting (#WF15) ushers in a new era, facing the future with energy and confidence. Our future is notoriously unpredictable. Part of the reason is that, as the creative species, people keep producing new scientific and technological innovations, changing our business models, questioning political institutions, and challenging social norms. We can fight this churn. Or we can live it with energy and confidence – acting together to seek to produce a better tomorrow. 


Building on the theme of Energizing the world!, the Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2015 will feature three agenda streams, each a major avenue where women leaders can join their peers, female and male, to enable our future: Addressing vital needs, Crafting the future and Creative fires. And throughout the three-day Global Meeting, next-generation leaders will be front and centre.




How are we going to address people’s vital needs – and not unequally, but rather by way of new methods to ensure access for all?  In an opening plenary session, an architect, a researcher, and a CEO stir our imaginations with their stories of how they contribute to energizing the world. Another session examines some examples of how digital technologies are improving the life conditions and livelihoods of very poor people. We’ll also look at recent agri-tech breakthroughs that are helping to feed a hungry world.


Looking foward to meeting experts



Highlight Session


The role of the December Climate Conference


Working with the theme Energizing the world!, the Global Meeting will host a vast array of international talent and perspectives, focusing on how we can act together to produce a better tomorrow. The event will serve to focus attention on global environmental issues, on the eve of the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris. On this theme, two exclusive keynotes with Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of The Republic of Mauritius and Laurence Tubiana, Special Representative for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. 




The Discovery


The Discovery – the dedicated meeting place and workspace unique to the Women’s Forum Global Meeting – is a hive of activity offering talks and workshops as well as a breakout area for rest and restoration. In 2015 The Discovery program will mirror the Global Meeting theme, Energizing The World!, with some 15 “Hubs” serving as content relays and following the three thematic pillars of the general program:  Addressing Vital Needs, Crafting the Future, and Creative Fires.

These Discovery hubs will create complementarities, strengthen learning returns and open networking opportunities. In 2015 we've enriched the Discovery program with a number of exciting features.


The Social Impact Hub


Social Impact Hub


The Social Impact Hub inspires participants to assess the impact they have on surrounding communities and beyond. Catapult, the first crowdfunding platform for gender equality and a new way to take action for girls and women worldwide, has joined together with six incredible women’s funds for a special initiative. Each Global Meeting delegate will receive a gift voucher worth 10 euros that they can apply to the issue of their choice, both on-site at the Social Impact Hub, and also through their mobile phone. Delegates will also be able to donate via credit card.



The Initiatives


Cartier Women's Initiative Awards


 Cartier Women's Initiative Awards


The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards hub is dedicated to the ecosystem of entrepreneurship. It is also the place to meet the community of finalists and Jury members, as well as a source of information on this initiative. 







Singapore Flag


As Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, this city-state-country-island can pride itself on significant progress dealing with major global challenges such as resource scarcity and economic crises. Gender parity in the workplace is one of Singapore’s ongoing success stories. Various reports (notably Mckinsey’s Women Matter: An Asian Perspective, 2012) show how Singapore stands out from other countries, with women in senior management, for example, having a better chance of joining their company’s executive committee than they would have anywhere else in Asia. Singapore recently unveiled an exciting plan to become the world’s first “truly smart nation.”


Four members of the Singapore delegation will address the question, “The rise of smart cities in Asia: Reality or urban utopia?” in a 14 October session at the 2015 Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Deauville.



Tunisian Flag


Women played a decisive role in the January 2011 revolution in Tunisia, which is today widely considered to be the most positive example of democratic change since the “Arab spring” protest movements took place in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Today the country finds itself at a crucial turning point. Despite the progress of the last four years, Tunisians must rise to the challenge of building stability, addressing the injustices of the past, maintaining security in the face of regional threats, and addressing the country’s economic and social ills.


Tunisian speakers take part in sessions throughout the Global Meeting. Specific moments will be organized participants to meet and interact with the members of the delegation, and a corner in the Discovery Hall will be devoted to Tunisia.