What #WF15 will do to energize the World: part 2 - Crafting the future


The 11th edition of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting (#WF15) ushers in a new era, facing the future with energy and confidence. Our future is notoriously unpredictable. Part of the reason is that, as the creative species, people keep producing new scientific and technological innovations, changing our business models, questioning political institutions, and challenging social norms. We can fight this churn. Or we can live it with energy and confidence – acting together to seek to produce a better tomorrow. 


Building on the theme of Energizing the world!, the Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2015 will feature three agenda streams, each a major avenue where women leaders can join their peers, female and male, to enable our future: Addressing vital needs, Crafting the future and Creative fires. And throughout the three-day Global Meeting, next-generation leaders will be front and centre.



Kellie Gerardi - Photo courtesy of Steve Boxall for Zero Gravity Corporation




Important advances already under way will further disrupt business models, even as they open exciting (and sometimes frightening) new socio-political prospects. Drones, anticipatory computing, metalloproteins, new cures for deadly tropical diseases – forget about the world in 2030, these scientific and technological discoveries are already happening today.  We’ll also look at our job prospects in the era of smart machines. Which jobs are clearly going to disappear in the next decade – and where could the opportunities lie, as more and more robots sign on for the busywork?


Sessions related to "Crafting the future"


  • > Five sci tech advances revolutionizing our near future <
  • > Cybersecurity: Meeting the growing commercial <
  • > Priming women to lead in the new technology era <
  • > The rise of smart cities in Asia: Reality or urban utopia? <
  • > What future for television? <
  • > The role of Yahoo and Google in the media landscape <
  • > Women in cities <


The power of parity



On Wednesday 14 October the McKinsey Global Institute will unveil the results of a groundbreaking new study, The Power of Parity, in partnership with the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society.

Imagine a world in which women participate in the global economy to the same extent as men. What impact would this have on our economies and societies? This is the question tackled by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the business and economics research arm of McKinsey, established in 1990 to develop a deeper understanding of the evolving global economy.


The findings of this new report will be presented for the first time in Europe at the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society in Deauville.




Looking foward to meeting experts 





Highlight Session


Inventing the future of space


A conversation between first- and second-generation astronauts and new space entrepreneurs.




The Discovery


The Discovery – the dedicated meeting place and workspace unique to the Women’s Forum Global Meeting – is a hive of activity offering talks and workshops as well as a breakout area for rest and restoration. In 2015 The Discovery program will mirror the Global Meeting theme, Energizing The World!, with some 15 “Hubs” serving as content relays and following the three thematic pillars of the general program:  Addressing Vital Needs, Crafting the Future, and Creative Fires.

These Discovery hubs will create complementarities, strengthen learning returns and open networking opportunities. In 2015 we've enriched the Discovery program with a number of exciting features.



The Governance Hub


Governance Hub


Women are increasingly present in boardrooms and executive committees, but better-balanced representation at the top remains a major issue. Companies benefit from gender diversity but how can women be more broadly represented in the upper echelons to better influence the governance agenda of corporations? The Governance Hub is the place where current and potential board members will share experiences and best practices to support a more significant presence of women at the highest corporate levels.



The Future of Health Hub


 The Future of Health Hub


Personalized medicine promises enormous changes in how patients are treated and how their entourages are supported. It goes with, and often depends on, self-monitoring --which will be revolutionary for prevention of disease in the future. Partner organizations of the Hub will highlight near-future developments in this health revolution, showing how healthcare can be made more accessible across socio-economic groups, regions and countries.



The Initiatives


CEO Champions


 CEO Champions


CEO Champions brings together influential business leaders – male and female alike – who are committed to establishing new and innovative ways to drive women’s corporate empowerment. Global leaders from both the private and public sectors are invited to participate. These pioneers of change enrich discussions surrounding some of the most pressing issues facing the global business community today.   



Women in Media


 Women in Media


Women in Media 2015 will focus on “Tradigital Media,” a neologism for what used to be called old media in this new, post-digital-transition era. We’ll look at how the pillars of traditional media have weathered the storms of societal and technological change, facing down their next-gen competitors to become digital goliaths in their own right. What will become of television, radio and the press in this fast-changing media landscape?