What #WF15 will do to energize the World: part 3 - Creative Fires


The 11th edition of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting (#WF15) ushers in a new era, facing the future with energy and confidence. Our future is notoriously unpredictable. Part of the reason is that, as the creative species, people keep producing new scientific and technological innovations, changing our business models, questioning political institutions, and challenging social norms. We can fight this churn. Or we can live it with energy and confidence – acting together to seek to produce a better tomorrow. 


Building on the theme of Energizing the world!, the Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2015 will feature three agenda streams, each a major avenue where women leaders can join their peers, female and male, to enable our future: Addressing vital needs, Crafting the future and Creative fires. And throughout the three-day Global Meeting, next-generation leaders will be front and centre.



Creative Fires





If we want to make a better world tomorrow, we have to listen to young people – whose world it will be – and to create the conditions to allow entrepreneurship and creativity to flourish. Two educators and entrepreneurs help us better understand how creativity gets squashed, and the crucial roles of experimentation and play in enabling innovation. And what about intrapreneurship? Companies have good reasons for fostering innovation by employees within the firm’s structure. But is  intrapraneurship working for the companies concerned?  And for the employees?


Sessions related to "Creative Fires"


  • > New leaders for a new world? <
  • > Bring life (back) into the European dream: An intergenerational debate <
  • > Meet and mingle with the start-ups <
  • > Inspired by nature <
  • > Online Press: what's next? <
  • > Women innovation Hackathon <
  • > How gender integration can boost entrepreneurial solutions to poverty <


Looking foward to meeting experts 






Highlight Session


Life at the heart of the Industry 4.0 revolution 



By the Creativity lab. Speed, agility, flexibility and improved collaboration are today’s industrial challenges. How are emerging technologies and innovations (3D printers, big data, the internet of things) transforming workplaces. Why changes in mindset are the cornerstone to drive this revolution?




The Discovery


The Discovery – the dedicated meeting place and workspace unique to the Women’s Forum Global Meeting – is a hive of activity offering talks and workshops as well as a breakout area for rest and restoration. In 2015 The Discovery program will mirror the Global Meeting theme, Energizing The World!, with some 15 “Hubs” serving as content relays and following the three thematic pillars of the general program:  Addressing Vital Needs, Crafting the Future, and Creative Fires.

These Discovery hubs will create complementarities, strengthen learning returns and open networking opportunities. In 2015 we've enriched the Discovery program with a number of exciting features.



Arts Hub


Arts Hub


Arts matter! How do the arts stimulate our creative thinking and foster social cohesion? From the end of the 19th century to the digital era, explore how the arts are a dynamic vector of change, from enabling women’s empowerment to bringing culture to the fingertips of all.


Creativity Lab


Creativity Lab



“Creativity is contagious; pass it on”

— Albert Einstein

You are invited to the Creativity lab to discover new sources of inspiration and challenge yourself on the mindsets and practices for our open innovation world. Among the questions we take on: How to nurture risk-taking and ensure the collaboration for innovation to thrive? What are the tools the workforce of the future will most need to engage in the Industry 4.0 Revolution? And how to best network for fostering creativity and personal success? Listen to and dialogue with outstanding speakers from leading technology firms and the sci tech startup community.


 The Initiatives


Rising Talents


 Rising Talents



The Rising Talents Initiative aims to distinguish highly talented young women under the age of 40 who are on their way to becoming influential figures in our economies and societies. This initiative is a commitment to promote women leaders and bring the vision of rising generations to the Forum.

This year, 14 young women have been invited to join the Rising Talents network — which now includes more than 165 members and offers networking opportunities yearround — and to attend the 2015 Women’s Forum Global Meeting. They work in business, in science, academics and the arts, and all have demonstrated real capacity to carry through ambitious projects in both their personal and professional lives.