Special Report: Women's Forum Italy || Claudia Parzani




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Women's Forum Italy: Interview


Claudia Parzani, Presidente Valore D: "Have you ever wondered what we can do to leave a better world to our children?"    


Have you ever wondered what we can do to leave a better world to our children? To the women and men of Valore D this question is essential, and I think that's also the question behind the idea of the Expo. The answer? A world where inequalities have given way to justice and cooperation, a world where respect for the environment is not the exception but the rule, a world full of food, where all of us can finally feed ourselves on the thousands of wonderful colors that Nature offers us every day.


Claudia Parzani, Presidente Valore D


But unfortunately that's not the world we are living in today. We all know that behind the black and white around us abundance and waste are hiding as well as poverty and lack, promises of happiness as well as mouths wide open and cries for food. Today too many of us can't afford the greens, reds, browns and yellows of the wonderful fruits that our planet offers us everywhere. And if our world is not yet plunged into the abyss of hunger we owe it to the invisible women, the women who work the land and grow fruit, everywhere, to the women who feed their children and husbands, and then, if anything remains at all, eat last.


For us, this is the most important link between Valore D and the EXPO: helping women gain access to education, funding and means to help feed the world and themselves in a humane, sustainable and fair way. Valore D was established six years ago with the objective of promoting the talents of women in society and economy and is now an association of 143 companies - 143 companies that have chosen to be on the side of a better world. And that is why Valore D has chosen to be alongside of Women for Expo in several important events: to tell the stories of our member companies and their projects to create a more just and more colorful world for all, especially for the many invisible women who nurture our planet, but who do eat last.

A wonderful opportunity to do this will be the Women's Forum Italy 2015, the opening event of the Women's Weeks that is a collaborative effort of Valore D with the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society and naturally with Women for Expo. Here Valore D wants to involve the leaders of about 30 Italian and international member companies to tell how diversity and inclusion can create a new type of economy able to give to our society and the world all those colors of which we are in so much need.



 ValoreD, Italia


The Forum will be an extraordinary workshop of ideas, it will be a ground to grow together with you and to collect new ideas, bringing in exceptional men and women - from politics to economics, from the corporate world to that of research - on the key issues of Expo, on the issues that affect us now more than ever; innovation, access to resources, sustainability, and a fair, colorful nutrition for all. But the Forum will be even more than that: a place made especially to encourage you to actively contribute to building a more equitable society. A society where the valorization of female talents leads to equality, equality leads to a more just and sustainable economy and justice and sustainability do lead to a world where everyone - all of us - can feed from the thousand colors that our beautiful earth is offering us.

Come and join us at the Women's Forum 2015 at Expo 2015 and let us add colors to our wonderful world. Together.