Discover the initiatives featured at Women's Forum Mauritius 2016


Women’s leadership, vision, and ingenuity are essential if we are to better protect the world’s biodiversity and advance climate action. Women’s Forum Mauritius features women at the forefront of the climate and biodiversity movements, bringing them together with their men counterparts in a unique meeting that will build capacity and empower those who attend.
Organized by the Paris-based Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, a Publicis Groupe company, with the support and collaboration of H.E. Mrs. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic of Mauritius, Women’s Forum Mauritius will build on the theme “Meeting the climate challenge for SIDS and Africa”. The high-level two-day meeting, taking place 20-21 June 2016 in Mauritius, will draw on the experiences of scientists, policymakers, and business leaders from around the world.


A group of CEOs, top-level senior executives and gender diversity experts from the private and public sectors will gather to launch CEO Champions Mauritius. A closed-door working session during Women’s Forum Mauritius 2016 will focus on new and innovative ways to draw more women into leadership positions, to encourage them to become researchers and entrepreneurs, and to create more equitable career opportunities in the public and private sectors.


Meet three Amazing Women who have demonstrated their ability to take risks and who act as catalysts in their organizations and communities, whose commitment to women's entrepreneurship, to education and to diversity resonates throughout the Republic of Mauritius and the African continent. Their stories are only a few samples among the women whose journeys will be shared at the first-ever Women's Forum Mauritius.



Indian and South African Honorary Delegations


Women's Forum Mauritius is proud to host an honorary delegation from India. The Indian Delegation will be composed of experts in the fields of climate change and health sciences. Prominent leaders in India’s climate action movement will share their expertise and experience from addressing environmental issues in one of the world most populous countries.



Women's Forum Mauritius is proud to host an honorary delegation from South Africa, a country that has achieved recognition for having among the world’s highest proportions of female members of parliament. At the same time, women in South Africa – as in many countries – remain underrepresented in private-sector leadership.



Among the key topics under discussion at Women’s Forum Mauritius:


  • How can health threats caused by climate disruption be turned into opportunities to strengthen health systems?
  • What are some of the health-based and non-health-based interventions to address and even improve public health?
  • What are the effects of climate change on ocean and tropical island land ecosystems and what will these mean for biodiversity efforts and food production?
  • What are the next steps to bootstrap SIDS renewable energy potential in wind, waves and solar?
  • What are the cutting-edge scientific and technological innovations that address agriculture, health and energy from biodiversity and climate angles?
  • How to bring more women and youth into the innovation movement in ways that promote cultures of research, innovation and entrepreneurship?