WFMauritius Speaker Interview: Robert Sebbag, Vice President, Access to Medicine, Sanofi


Women’s Forum: Why did you choose to be a speaker at the Women’s Forum Mauritius 2016?


The first reason was because it’s the first time that the Women’s Forum takes place in the African continent. The second one, are the topics chosen that will revolve around climate change after the agreement signed in Paris during the COP21.



Robert Sebbag, Vice President, Access To Medicine, Sanofi


Women’s Forum: What are the effects of climate change on health? Can you tell us more about Sanofi’s solutions to tackle health issues related to climate change?


Sanofi has two main reasons to be involved in climate change:

  • The effects of climate change on health are extremely serious, mainly on vector-born communicable diseases. Without going into details, Sanofi has an active role in the fight against malaria, dengue, leishmaniasis, sleeping sickness, cholera…Besides communicable diseases Sanofi also deals with lung diseases for which it has highly innovative molecules.
  • With its industrial activity that manufactures active chemical ingredients in its over a hundred plants all over the world, Sanofi itself produces carbon dioxide emissions as well as greenhouse gases. Sanofi has a responsibility regarding reduction of its carbon footprint.



Women’s Forum: In your opinion, what more needs to be done in order to ensure access to medicine for all?


The access to medicines, especially in the Southern countries, is a major issue and the responsibility of an international firm such as Sanofi, who, besides, is currently present in them, is to facilitate this access. To achieve this, Sanofi has created a department fully dedicated to tackle this problem especially on malaria, tuberculosis, neglected tropical diseases, epilepsy and mental health. It carries out precise actions on communication, education and information, but above all, it provides medicines applying a differentiated price policy that can reach a non-profit-non-loss price.



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