Your chance to dare to lead #WFGM17


An urgent reminder: the first edition of the Women's Forum Global Meeting in Paris will kick off in just three weeks on 5-6 October. You still have the chance to sign up to take part in this outstanding conversation and engage for impact. Click here to register.

The programme: Daring to lead in a disrupted world! Held at the Carrousel du Louvre, the event will host vibrant exchanges with the goal of inspiring concrete action around the theme of 'Daring to lead in a disrupted world'. Our discussions will focus on the challenges of embracing our humanity, harnessing technology, thriving through creativity and shaping the future of work.

  • Embracing our humanity:
    • How can gender budgeting and investing promote women's equality?
    • How can women be leaders in climate action regardless of where they are in the world?
    • What are ways that women leaders defy gender stereotypes? How can different institutions unlock the potential of women's leadership?
  • Thriving through creativity:
    • Is the UN climate deal the last global agreement?
    • How are crowdfunding and other investment models helping to fund women-led businesses?
    • What are the most striking examples of inclusive innovation? How do we reproduce them?
    • What is the potential for technology to amplify the role of arts in people's lives?
  • Harnessing technology:
    •  How much smarter can our cities become and how?
    • How can working with designers help to tackle cyber security challenges?
    • What are some examples of how financial services have embraced fin-tech innovation? 
  • Shaping the future of work:
    • What can be done concretely to encourage women's leadership in financial services?
    • How can non-tech companies remain competitive in hiring tech-savvy workers?
    • How can companies find value in cross-cultural and multi-generational teams?
  • Finally, our ‘Daring to lead' sessions feature questions and discussions that cut across pillars in the context of a disrupted world. For example:
    •  How do we disrupt the human-machine relationship?
    • What does a de-globalized financial system mean for our economies?
    • How are companies taking a stronger stance on social and environmental issues, from public health to human rights to immigration and environmental protection? 

These are just some of the sessions and questions among many, and you can see our full programme here.

  A selection of speakers: Multiple perspectives for maximum impact

Our top-tier speakers will share their thoughts, insights, and solutions on these global topics. Among the participants who will join us:

  • Carlo d'Asaro Biondo, President of EMEA Strategic Relationships, Google
  • Gilles Babinet, Chairman, Capital Dash and Chief Digital Champion, France
  • Inga Beale, CEO, Lloyd's of London
  • Laurent Blanchard, EVP, Global Field Operations (EMEAR), Worldwide Alliances and Services, Dassault Systèmes
  • Olivier Brandicourt, CEO, Sanofi
  • Beth Brooke-Marciniak, Global Vice Chair Public Policy, EY
  • Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO
  • Meka Brunel, CEO, Gecina
  • Thomas Buberl, CEO, AXA
  • Patrice Caine, CEO, Thales
  • Marisol Casado, International Olympic Committee
  • Laurence des Cars, President, Musée d'Orsay
  • Melissa Cefkin, Principal Scientist, Design Anthropologist, Renault-Nissan Alliance
  • Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of the Republic of Malta
  • Gary Coombe, President, Europe, P&G
  • Ertharin Cousin, Payne Distinguished Lecturer and a Visiting Fellow, Center for Food Security and Environment Stanford University Spogli Institute
  • Leah Daughtry, President and CEO of On These Things, LLC; CEO of the 2016 Democratic National Convention Committee
  • Sucharita Eashwar, Founder and CEO, Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • Livia Firth, Founder, Eco Age
  • Antoine Frérot, Chairman and CEO, Veolia
  • Marianne Gasser, Head of Delegation in Syria, International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Karien van Gennip, CEO France, ING
  • Lynn Goodman, Dean, George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services
  • Baroness Mary Goudie, Labour Member, House of Lords and Founding Member, The 30% Club
  • Catherine Guillouard, CEO, RATP
  • Ángel Gurría, Secretary General, OECD
  • Solveigh Hieronimus, Partner, McKinsey & Co
  • Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, and President, C40
  • Delphine Horvilleur, Rabbi, Mouvement juif libéral de France
  • Star Jones, Attorney, Advocate & Television Personality and President, Professional Diversity Network and National Association of Professional Women
  • Isabelle Kocher, CEO, ENGIE
  • Rachel Kyte, CEO and Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Sustainable Energy for All
  • Peter Lacy, Managing Director, Strategy, Growth, Strategy & Sustainability, Accenture
  • Yan Lan, Managing Director and Head of Greater China Investment Banking, Lazard
  • Michel Landel, CEO, Director and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Sodexo
  • Alix LeBec, Executive Vice President of WaterEquity,
  • Jean Lemierre, Chairman, BNP Paribas
  • Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO and chairman, EDF
  • Adrianna Marais, Head of Innovation, SAP Africa
  • Alyse Nelson, President & CEO, Vital Voices
  • Alexandra Palt, Chief Sustainability Officer, L'Oréal
  • Valérie Pécresse, France President of the Paris Region and Former Minister
  • Laura Quatela, SVP and Chief Legal Officer, Lenovo
  • Anne Ravanona, Founder & CEO, Global InvestHer
  • Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood
  • Patrick Ropert, CEO Gares et Connexions, SNCF
  • Arthur Sadoun, CEO, Publicis Groupe
  • Diane de Saint Victor, General Counsel, ABB
  • William B. Thomas, Chairman Elect, KPMG International
  • Donna de Varona, Olympic gold medalist
  • Ann Walker Marchant, CEO Walker Marchant Group
  • Kathryn Wengel, Worldwide Vice President of Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson
  • Amira Yahyaoui, President and Founder, Al Bawsala

  A full list of speakers is available at the Women's Forum website.


The Discovery: Stories for impact Our highly acclaimed and highly unconventional Discovery thought-leadership space – is a hive of activity at the epicenter of every Women's Forum Global Meeting. Multiple, theme-driven Hubs relay content from the general programme, offering a variety of opportunities to share, learn, connect and be inspired. It is a co-curated space with corporate and institutional partners showing how they put their principles into action. Each ‘Hub' will host engaging content in diverse formats including Agoras, Odeons, breakout sessions, workshops, and ‘meet with' moments. The Hubs are dedicated to diverse issues:

  • Culture: This Hub will be a privileged cross-over space for intercultural, musical, literary, editorial and artistic exchanges between remarkable personalities. A bookshop space will be set up to give access to cutting edge books and research dealing with the topics of the Global Meeting to encourage discussion around them.
  • Finance: The finance Hub will firstly address the issues of the upheavals and major transformations in finance, from regulation to fin-tech. The organization of the hub will also give the opportunity to exchange on the essential subject of responsible finance. Those two topics will give a new insight and a larger picture of future challenges and opportunities for finance, from both a social and a technical angle.
  • Future of Health: E-Health innovations are on the rise, and people are seeing disruption in every aspect of the healthcare systems. Come and meet trailblazers creating these medical innovations and well-being experts maximising happiness on the workplace.
  • Governance: Companies are now facing global disruption and challenges in numbers and power like never before. How can we manage never-ending crisis and anticipate and avoid risks? Knowing this, how are board members chosen and how can we make sure they are right for the task? The governance hub will also be a unique occasion to meet amazing women on boards and executive committees and discover how to become one of them
  • Social Impact: Environment, social responsibility, and diversity. These topics are the pillars of our society, but rarely people agree on how to better an organization's social impact. These topics will be debated by institutions and private companies to identify clear solutions and guidelines that can be implemented by all.
  • Women in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Hub will not only be the largest hub with about 130m² of shared space, but will allow seven partners with crossed expertise on science, technology, mathematics, engineering and science to discuss and show innovations produced by their companies. The sessions on the hub will also represent an incredible opportunity to highlight women empowerment in STEM companies.

The spotlight this year is on our groundbreaking Women's Forum Initiatives: CEO Champions and Rising Talents, which will be celebrating its 10 years anniversary and 192 laureates. CEO Champions At the Global Meeting in Paris 5-6 October 2017, the CEO Champions workshop, an initiative that aims to drive progress for women's advancement throughout our businesses, economies and societies, is in partnership with McKinsey & Company and with the support of the 30% Club and the OECD, and will take place on Thursday 5 October from 12:45-15:45 in a private setting, by invitation only. This workshop, co-hosted by Clara Gaymard, Executive President of the Women's Forum for the Economy & Society and Maurice Lévy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Publicis Groupe, will focus the discussion on how to build a diverse and inclusive future in our companies and how to drive progress for women's advancement in the private and public sectors.

Rising Talents The Women's Forum Rising Talents initiative, celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2017, aims to distinguish highly talented young women who are on their way to becoming influential figures in our economies and societies. This initiative is a commitment to promote women leaders and bring the vision of rising generations to the Women's Forum. The Women's Forum Global Meeting will be welcoming a large number of its 192 laureates from over 50 countries, ready to network and dream. Additionally, the programme will feature a launch of insights from a survey of current and past honourees.  

And many more surprises to come!  

Make sure to be part of this one of a kind event and register before it is too late!