Women's Forum Mexico 2017

Unleash your leadership!

8 – 9 November 2017


This is an opportunity to look at major trends and realize an open and culturally dynamic 21st century Mexico. Better leadership must go together with new leadership – new modes of managing companies and unleashing Mexico’s talent, new identities and inspiration for Mexicans as a people and for the country in the region and the world.


This second edition of Women’s Forum Mexico will bring together women and men, each an influencer or high potential in his or her field, for forward-looking debates intended to contribute to national renewal, encourage corporate innovation, and support individual leadership development.


Our premise is that women’s experience, expertise, and vision are essential for achieving viable social and economic advancements – so we feature women leaders from Mexico and abroad in dialogue with their men counterparts.


On the agenda for Women’s Forum Mexico: 

  • How to promote more civic engagement to strengthen Mexico’s leadership?
  • North American economic relations: Turning challenges into opportunities
  • The trends we must take into account for a thriving 21st century workforce
  • Do it! Becoming leaders in our sectors
  • Learning from Mexico’s successes in doing business with the EU and Asia
  • Changing the narrative for women: A needed cultural dialogue



Join us for exciting days of learning, debate, inspiration and celebration.