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Dame Kristin Scott Thomas has accepted the Honorary Presidency of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society.

For 15 years, the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society has committed to promoting the voice of all women around the world in major economic and social debates, including: access to women’s health; climate change; the essential role women can play in science and technology; and the role of women’s entrepreneurship.

The Women’s Forum is one of the international leading “think-tank” platforms with meetings and workshops held across the world that seek to make women’s voices heard and, through multiple concrete actions, help to build a more inclusive economy.

Dame Kristin’s talent and international influence are testament to her role as a worthy Honorary President and we look forward to her working with us to further promote and implement the Women’s Forum’s Initiatives.

“I feel privileged to be participating as Honorary President in this year’s Women’s Forum Meetings. It is a wonderfully rich opportunity for us to discuss and explore the different ways in which we as society and as individuals can improve the lives of women all over the world.

Having grown up in the era of the Women’s Liberation Movement and, as a young girl, not really understanding the power of the “shackles of the patriarchy”, I now hear the term women’s liberation to mean the freeing of female talent and potential. Equality improves the lives of everyone, not just women. It creates a safer environment, a better respect for nature, more jobs, better health, and, at the end of the day, more happiness.

As Honorary President, there are issues that I am compelled to highlight, such as female infanticide or gendercide, which denies the very existence of girls. Creating a safe place for an open discussion of this catastrophic practice is very important to me and I hope it will be an example for others to bring forward taboo issues relating to the mistreatment and negation of female life.

I look forward to working on a three-day programme to shine a light on a number of economic and social subjects, to share ideas of how to improve the day to day lives of people throughout the world in all cultures and to listen to inspiring stories from women who have brought our attention to these crucial topics that ultimately affect all of our lives” – Dame Kristin Scott Thomas.

The theme of the upcoming international Women’s Forum Global Meeting which will be held in Paris, Caroussel du Louvre, 20-22 Nov 2019, will be: “Taking the lead for inclusion: Accelerating impact”.

Read the Press Release in French here.

Media Contact : Delphine Marçais