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In this challenging and disruptive world, and even more in light of the COVID-19 crisis, women have to be fully associated to design more just and inclusive economies and societies. Women should be the leading force to shape the new world that humanity needs, and the drivers to promote sustainable growth.

The Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society Call to Action to the G7 Leaders will help achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is aligned with the one presented by UN Women, along with the European Commission and the International Labour Organization, which also addresses the G7 to recommend strategic initiatives for COVID-19 response and recovery.

These proposals, inspired by the Women’s Empowerment Principles, are aimed to enable women to be in positions where they can have a positive and decisive social and economic impact, bringing their added value to the post COVID-19 world.

At the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, we are convinced that the most powerful economies in the G7 countries should lead by example by mobilizing women’s leadership to build inclusive societies and bring back not only an economic Recovery but also dignity and justice for all.

We strongly believe that the G7 Leaders should prioritise women’s economic empowerment as a key strategy in the Agenda. Women contribute only to 34% of worldwide wealth. Gender divide is being exacerbated by this pandemic, and we see how women are disproportionally impacted. It is imperative to focus on how to collectively support women in the economic fields to stimulate growth and to give them the same opportunities as men to be at the heart of the economy.

Even before the crisis, 240 million jobs were expected to be created by 2025 and 28 trillion dollars were expected to be added to the world GDP if women and men were equally represented in the economic sector.

Based on the expertise of the Women’s Forum Daring Circles and its international network, under the theme Beyond recovery: designing an inclusive world, the Women’s Forum launches its Call to Action to you as the G7 Leaders on 7 key issues where women’s added value and leadership is crucial. Business, Future of Work, Tech4Good, Work-Life Balance, Governance, Climate, Health.

In all these fields, women should not be impacted, but rather impactful, leading the change, beyond the Recovery, to design an inclusive world.

We wish to heartily thank all the Women’s Forum partners – and in particular the members of our Strategic Committee and pay a special tribute to Shearman & Sterling, Insight Partner – for their strong commitment in the construction of these proposals.

Nobody should be left behind. This is a collective responsibility, and the Women’s Forum is engaged to fully take it.

We are confident that these recommendations will raise awareness to the G7 leaders to be pioneers in their respective countries and beyond. These proposals are achievable, concrete and pragmatic, and can have a decisive positive impact to shape the post COVID-19 inclusive world.

You can count on the full commitment and the strong mobilisation of the Women’s Forum Community to achieve these ambitious goals.

Chiara Corazza

Managing Director

Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

Read full proposal here