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The Private Sector Alliance for the Empowerment and Progression of Women’s Economic Representation (G20 EMPOWER Alliance) is intended to encourage the advancement of women in leadership in the private sector in each of the G20 countries and invited guest countries.

Since addressing persistent social and economic inequalities between women and men is integral to all dimensions of inclusive and sustainable global growth, progress for women contributes to better performance and results that benefit all. In this framework, the G20 EMPOWER Alliance is engaged to ensure that women are decision-makers at all levels, and in particular among top leadership positions.

Ms Chiara Corazza, Managing Director of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, is the French Representative for the Private Sector within the G20 EMPOWER Alliance.

This year, under the Saudi Presidency of the G20, the EMPOWER Alliance is launching a private sector Statement and a voluntary Pledge, presented during the G20 Summit on November 21st and 22nd, 2020.

The Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society and some of its partners, AXA, Bayer, BNP Paribas, P&G, Bouygues, Lenovo, GEODIS, Johnson & Johnson, signed this pledge, committing to fully support women’s leadership in the private sector.

The G20 EMPOWER Alliance Pledge

We, the EMPOWER Pledge signatories support women’s advancement to leadership positions in the private sector by:

  1. Setting measurable internal targets and / or action plans to increase the number of women in leadership in our companies;
  2. Applying a gender lens in our provision of leadership opportunities for women, reviewing the board(s) and senior managers’ compositions, and enabling women to access and be part of all levels of seniority
  3. Collecting gender data to internally measure progress on women’s advancement in leadership;
  4. Fostering supportive and inclusive cultures to dismantle barriers to women’s advancement to leadership, including combatting stereotypes, removing barriers, and striving to end all forms of gender-based discrimination;
  5. Encouraging the building of a positive ecosystem in the world of work through measures such as: equal pay, flexible work policies, family leave, social dialogue, community initiatives, wellbeing programs, employee networks, and training, mentoring and sponsorship; and
  6. Actively collaborating to share our learnings on best practices to advance women’s recruitment and advancement in the corporate world, supporting one another, advocating for women, and enhancing global communication.

You will find the text of the G20 EMPOWER Alliance Statement and the full list of signatories of the voluntary Pledge here.