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As 2020 comes to an end and we look ahead to the new year, the Women’s Forum warmly thanks you for being such an important part of our global community seeking to act to promote causes of gender equality, diversity, inclusion on crucial topics such as access to capital, health, climate, future of work, AI, governance, that concern not only women but all of humanity.

As the world is lurching towards an unknown new normal amidst the pandemic, the Women’s Forum’s ambition to redesign a more inclusive world has become even more urgent and critical.

At the Women’s Forum, we are very proud of what we were able to accomplish with your support and commitment despite the unprecedented challenging times.

Together, we envisioned a She-covery: a world where women leaders are equal actors in every sphere, driving inclusive solutions that enable people, economies and societies to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

In 2020, thousands of change-makers participated to our works and initiatives. We reached more than 10 million people around the world.

Together we were able to virtually convene more than 35,000 influential participants from 130 countries at our Meetings. 

First at the Women’s Forum G7 A Call to Action in May then at the In Her Words series of fireside chats with The New York Times from May to September, and at the first-ever virtual Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2020 in November. 

Together we were able to positively influence and bring our voice and contribution to key stakeholders in both the private and public sector.
Following the G7 2019 chaired by France, the Women’s Forum has been entrusted with the mission of proposing a national mobilization plan in favour of STEM professions, in order to ensure that women’s leadership is proactively engaged within the future of work. Read the report “Women at the heart of the economy” here  and watch the presentation of the report here.  We have been associated to the Italian task force “Women for a new Renaissance”, established by the Italian Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family to prepare the Italian recovery, and in “Laudato si’ business” initiative by Pope Francis.

We have had the opportunity to highlight the Women‘s Forum partners’ best practices in the advancement of women’s leadership and bring our insights to the G20 under Saudi Presidency.

We sent to the G7 Leaders this Call to Action on 7 key issues.

Together we launched the First Edition of the Women’s Forum Barometer, comparing reality and perception with the objective to become a reference on key topics (climate, business, the future of work, artificial intelligence, and health). Initiated by AXA, BNP Paribas and Publicis Groupe, the survey will be conducted every year in order to measure progress in these areas. 

Together we continued to discover and promote the new generation that will shape the economy and society and will be able to give back to the community with Rising Talents Initiative. In collaboration with Lazard and Spencer Stuart, we selected the 2020 nominations. Meet our oustdanding 2020 Rising Talents

Together we attracted the interest of press worldwide and we drove social media engagement with global opinion leaders and influencers. We also reinforced our collaboration with faithful media partners. 
Together we found innovative solutions and launched unique initiatives on key issues where women leadership can and should be decisive thanks to Women’s Forum Daring Circles, our cross-industry collaborative working groups. Together we made huge progress in our work, rising strong interest and commitment, achieving great results and positive impact. 
The Women4AI continued to successfully inspire companies to apply a gender-lens to their AI conception, development and implementation, committing at our size for inclusive AI. 
The Women4Business launched the Inclusive Sourcing Journey , a new unprecedented digital tool that will assess the maturity, reach and impact of the supplier diversity and inclusive sourcing practices of participating organisations. 
The Women4ClimateAction developed a data Toolkit on the nexus between gender and climate, as well as a report on gender, climate and green entrepreneurship to be published soon. 
The Women4Health called for gender-responsive policies and practices to support men and women on the frontlines of the Covid-19 crisis, and reshape the heal. 
The Women4STEM actively committed to increase the representation, leadership and impact of  women with STEM skills, in particular through our STEMKEY Initiative.
A heartfelt thank you for your trust, commitment and fidelity. Your precious support is indispensable to fulfill our shared objectives and vision. 

And after reflecting about this year, we are ready for 2021, a pivotal year, a milestone. We have to seize the momentum. Will we move forward or step back? 

We have a huge opportunity to contribute to prepare a green sustainable She-covery for all and we want you to be part of it!

Let’s continue to promote women’s leadership towards private and public decision makers at the highest level to ensure that women are fully involved in the transformation of the world in all sectors. 

Let’s bring our inputs to the G7 Leaders, to “Generation Equality” and to the Cop 26. 

Let’s engage at the Women’s Forum Meetings, including a dedicated Women’s Forum during the Italian Presidency of the G20. 

Let’s be inspired by the upcoming In Her Words fireside chats with the New York Times and by our new signature high-level round tables where influential leaders – both men and women – will prove how you can match power & purpose.

Let’s commit in our Daring Circles initiatives, launching new impactful projects and taking further concrete action on the existing ones. 

Let’s measure the progress of women’s empowerment thanks to the 2021 edition of the Barometer. 

Let’s put women at the heart of economy, science and society. 

Let’s engage for impact!