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The world is a very different place today and it will never be the same. The pandemic has made some of the obstacles to women and gender imbalances more visible. But it also shines a spotlight on the important roles of women in our economies and societies. Women are not only at the frontline taking care of children, family, elders, and the most vulnerable population during the crisis; women are also the driving force behind our advancement in innovation, science, research, policy development, governments to fight the pandemic. This is the momentum that we cannot afford to lose!

Now more than ever, we need women’s voices, ambitions, and actions to co-create a different world, a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Now more than ever, we need women in the workforce, in the labs, in the boardrooms, and at the decision-making tables to design the future of work, to drive ethical and responsible finance, and to spur innovation for our pressing global challenges like access to health, access to capital, climate change, technology disruption, and inequality.

Now more than ever, we need diversity and a change of paradigm where women are no longer passive recipients, but active contributors to bring transformative solutions and to build back better. Now more than ever, at the Women’s Forum, we commit to fully engage with our ambition to put women at the heart of the economy, science and society, and to bring forward their strong added value, innovative thinking, creativity, and contribution across generations, cultures, regions, and throughout the private and public sectors.

Now more than ever, we feel the sense of urgency, the necessity to embrace diversity in women’s leadership, and the need for a She-covery. The fact that 91% of the G7 population considered gender equality a priority confirms that tackling gender equality is urgent. The public is ready, the corporates are ready. What are we waiting for? If we do not act now, then when?

In 2021, the Women’s Forum stands ready to lead with power and purpose, through the recovery and beyond to a long-term transformation that leaves no one behind. We call on women to join their diverse perspectives and strengths to tackle global challenges. We must together reimagine institutions, investments, and the future of work; build bridges across generations, cultures, regions and sectors; and foster new models of powerful, purposeful leadership both public and private and coalitions that enable our economies and societies to thrive.