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It has been one year since lockdowns around the world started to unfold due to the covid-19 pandemic, and climate action has never been so relevant as economies and societies globally look to rebuild. The pandemic has clearly demonstrated that the relationship between people and nature must be reassessed. This past year, a record number of organizations and countries worldwide made bold commitments to address the climate crisis in growing recognition of this fact.

This increasing undertaking comes not a moment too soon. The IPCC has stated that we have 10 years to take transformational climate action to limit global warming well below 2° (preferably to 1.5°C) and avoid catastrophic climate disasters. To do so, in line with the Paris Agreement targets, global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions need to be reduced to “net zero” by 2050 and halved by 2030. This “net zero” objective is twofold: to reduce the total amount of emissions and increase absorption capacity.

Achieving these ambitious targets will require a blend of action, including the direct reduction of CO2 emissions and the support of emissions reduction projects through climate finance.

To this end, the Women’s Forum is taking a strong commitment to fight climate change by measuring, reducing its emissions, and contributing to carbon reduction projects with co-benefits on gender equality. This engagement will cover all emissions generated from its activities throughout the year to reach a net-zero level.

To realize this ambition, the Women’s Forum is partnering with ClimateSeed, a Social Business launched by BNP Paribas in collaboration with Nobel Peace Prize recipient Professor Yunus. ClimateSeed accompanies organizations towards their net-zero emission trajectory. As a Social Business, ClimateSeed reinvests 100% of its profits and focuses on achieving positive social and environmental impacts. ClimateSeed works with organizations to measure and reduce their carbon footprint and achieve positive social and environmental impacts by contributing to emission reduction projects that support local communities and protect the planet and its biodiversity.

At the Women’s Forum, we know that climate change and gender are deeply interconnected issues. Women leaders of all ages have and continue to be driving forces in raising our global ambition to tackle climate change. In our economies and communities, women occupy essential roles to accelerate and scale climate action. It is understood that failure to limit global warming to safer levels will have a devastating and disproportionate impact on women, much like with the covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, the successful transition to green economies and societies can be a transformational driver of women’s empowerment if we are intentional about it. Addressing climate change cannot be done with one hand tied behind our back. We will not achieve a just transition without women’s leadership and participation in creating and driving solutions. 

It is important, therefore, to be gender-responsive in our climate action. The Women’s Forum and ClimateSeed will work together on the roadmap towards net-zero through measurement, decarbonization, and contribution to carbon reduction projects that support local communities, educate and empower women in countries most vulnerable to climate change. As well as supporting these projects, the Women’s Forum will collaborate with ClimateSeed to tell the meaningful story of these projects. We will give a concrete example and demonstrate to others the possibilities and benefits of linking gender equality with climate action.

All the projects on the ClimateSeed portfolio offer social and environmental co-benefits that support local communities. ClimateSeed works with project developers that highlight the role women play in the communities and their projects. For example, a forest conservation project in Guatemala is centered around protecting 60 thousand hectares of forest from deforestation. Furthermore, it has direct social impacts at the heart of the project activities that improve women and girls’ livelihoods through healthcare and educational programs. For several emission reduction projects, empowering women ceases to be a mere co-benefit of the project, but rather the core focus of it.”

– Michelle Parra, Head of Client Development and Projects at ClimateSeed.

The Women4ClimateAction Daring Circle will continue to support institutions to understand and implement a gender-responsive approach to climate change. This year, the Daring Circle will re-launch its Charter for Engagement on Women Leading Climate Action in the context of COP26, with a renewed focus on providing actionable recommendations and measures that public and private institutions, as well as individual leaders, can take to realize their commitment. The partnership between the Women’s Forum and ClimateSeed will be a vital part of our efforts to increase awareness of the gender and climate nexus and demonstrate how women’s empowerment and fighting climate change go hand-in-hand.

This year’s focus for the Women’s Forum is not only to inspire gender-responsive climate action, but also to lead by example.”

– Chiara Corazza, Managing Director of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

Let’s engage for impact!

Best regards,

Chiara Corazza

Michelle Parra-Guedez

About the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society

The Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society is a leading platform that works to highlight the many voices of women in order to bring a high-value contribution to the most crucial challenges that the world is currently experiencing. It provides a unique place in which business and policy makers work together to seek solutions to common problems related not only to the role of women but also to economic growth and wellbeing, share experiences and promote best practices for encouraging a shift to a perfect gender equality society. It works on developing concrete instruments, Charter, and recommendations to accelerate inclusive growth and reduce inequalities through the empowerment of women across society.

About ClimateSeed

ClimateSeed is a Social Business launched by BNP Paribas in collaboration with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Yunus’ team. It accompanies organizations to contribute transparently to carbon reduction projects that preserve the planet, support local communities, and protect biodiversity. ClimateSeed connects sustainable project carriers worldwide with corporations and organizations that want to support carbon reduction projects and have social and environmental impacts on the planet. With ClimateSeed, organizations have access to the highest quality projects that have passed a robust three-level verification process, including project certification, banking due-diligence and anti-money laundering assessment, and validation from ClimateSeed’s internal Sustainability Committee. As a Social Business, ClimateSeed is 100% committed to reinvesting its profits and promoting social and environmental programs to fight climate change. It makes climate action transparent through its services and tools.

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