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The Daring Circle Women4ClimateAction report “Women Leading the Green Recovery: Promoting women in entrepreneurship and STEM will help build a sustainable and equal world”  illustrates the crucial role of women in STEM disciplines and green entrepreneurship to accelerate the green transition in our economy and society.

Women are underrepresented and disadvantaged in many of the disciplines that will be vital to global efforts to build back from the coronavirus pandemic in ways that are sustainable and help us meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Green STEM skills and green entrepreneurship are two disciplines that will be drivers of future growth. Excluding women from these disciplines could reinforce existing economic and social inequalities. The renewable energy market alone offers the potential to boost global GDP by $98 trillion by 2050, while creating 63 million new jobs. Today, only 30% of workers in the energy sector are women. Excluding women from these key areas implies the dangerous risks of reinforcing existing social and economic inequalities and creating an unequal green economy to which women do not have access to.

Green entrepreneurship will also play a fundamental role in creating innovative solutions to fight climate change and develop markets for sustainable products. When women are involved, solutions are more inclusive and effective. We need women to help drive a just transition.

Many examples of women leading action in green STEM and Green entrepreneurship already exist, but they still must overcome too many barriers. The report provides recommendations for businesses and public institutions to address this challenge, from actions to reframe our understanding of what entrepreneurs and STEM professionals look like, to specific policies as quotas and funding criteria to better support women.

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