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A few days ahead of the G7 Summit, taking place on 11-13 June 2021 in the United Kingdom, the Women’s Forum is publishing the results of a survey focused on the level of the gender gap within the G7 countries. It highlights the fact that women have been adversely affected by the impacts of the pandemic. In order to allow society and the economy to recover from this severe crisis, putting women at the centre of recovery strategies is the most efficient strategy.

For carrying out this survey, Ipsos questioned 3500 citizens of the G7 countries. It used a representative sample of the national population aged 18 and over from each of the seven G7 countries (quota method). The survey was conducted online between 8 and 20 April 2021.

  • The pandemic is devastating for men but much more so for women
  • The risk of women going back to traditional roles with the pandemic is greater given that gender stereotypes remain largely widespread
  • There is a full agreement among G7 countries on the fact that gender inequalities are still very marked and should be strongly fought