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For three months now, I have had the honour of leading the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society. Since my first day as Managing Director my objective has been clear: in this unprecedented historical moment, which has compromised decades of hard-fought progress towards gender equality, our mission is to strengthen the impact that the Women’s Forum has already created worldwide in the past 15 years, and to accelerate progress towards equality for all. 

To reach this objective, with a heightened sense of urgency, we need more than just ambition.We need concrete commitments and actions from all key stakeholders. For this reason, working closely with our partners, we will transform the Women’s Forum into an action-oriented platform, where we balance our focus on societal and economic issues; where we highlight voices of the underrepresented and unheard; where we drive inclusive solutions and launch tangible initiatives tackling global challenges. 

The past three months have been deeply stimulating and rich in exchanges, new meetings and projects to bring the Women’s Forum closer to all. We are proud to have launched the second edition of the G7 Barometer and the Communiqué to G7 Leaders , which highlight the urgent need to concretely measure the economic and social impacts of the pandemic, particularly on women, and call for rapid action from governments. I had the opportunity to engage in a fascinating conversation at VivaTechnology, advocating for the importance of removing structural barriers to women’s participation in the tech sector. I also had the honour of welcoming the first generation of finalists of our WomenEntrepreneurs4Good initiative, an incredibly talented group of female entrepreneurs who are deeply engaged in tackling today’s sustainability challenges. 

Today, the Women’s Forum looks to the future. We strongly believe that humanity cannot face complex social, economic and environmental challenges withonly half of the human population – half of the ideas and half of the resources.

We will gather our global community, in person and online, at the Women’s Forum G20 Italy on 17-19 October, and at our flagship Women’s Forum Global Meeting week 2021 on 15-19 November to launch incredible new initiatives, turn words into action and drive inclusive solutions for all.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Warm regards,

Women’s Forum G20 Italy |17-19 October | Milan & Online


Set in the booming and inspiring metropolis of Milan, on the occasion of the first-time Italian Presidency of the G20, the Women’s Forum G20 Italy will represent a unique opportunity to foster the dialogue between international private and public high-level decision makers. 

The Women’s Forum G20 Italy aims to bring women’s contribution to ensure a truthful She-covery for all: with women as key players co-creating along with men the new world that humanity needs.

Join us as a Virtual Delegate! All sessions will be streamed live on our digital platform, with opportunities to interact during the sessions and network with others around the world. 

Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2021 | 15-19 November | Paris & Online


In 2021, the Women’s Forum will shine a light on power: on the use and misuse of power; the power to empower and lift others up; and the power, of course, to lead, through and beyond the pandemic. The resilience of our future economies and societies depends on our collective action now.

How can we ensure that power, today, is inherently purposeful? That our leaders, throughout sectors, geographies and communities, are driven by long-term thinking, and include the diverse perspectives that our global challenges require?

We are calling on women leaders from around the world to share their solutions for tackling economic inequality and empowerment, inclusive technology, climate change and access to health – as global challenges that require new models of purposeful leadership. The meeting will be a platform for presenting data to shape conversations, launching new initiatives and offering recommendations for businesses and governments to take immediate action. Will you lend your leadership to our inclusive future?