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The Women’s Forum Daring Circles are innovative cross-industry working groups convening  representatives from business, policymakers, experts, scientists, international organisations, NGOs and academia to engage for long-term positive impact on issues where women are disproportionately impacted, and where their leadership is crucial.

Since 2018, we have launched a unique initiative: The Daring Circles. It consists of five high-level collaborative working groups covering key challenges and crucial issues of our time: Women4AI, Women4Business, Women4ClimateAction, Women4Health and Women4STEM

Within every Daring Circle, we aim to: 

  • Highlight best practices and experiences; 
  • Provide accurate data and analysis, conduct original research to generate evidence-based insights and analysis;
  • Pioneer concrete actions and initiatives that enable positive and powerful change, and mobilise collective forces to address systemic barriers and drive meaningful impact; 
  • Communicate to key audiences to build awareness around critical issues and solutions.

With short-term, medium-term and long-term ambitions, the Daring Circles ensure women’s empowerment, especially regarding women’s entrepreneurship, women’s role in shaping the health system, in the fight against climate change, in the jobs of the future, and in governance.

The works of the Daring Circles serve as an inspiration for both private and public sectors to lead by examples to  

  • Improve gender equality measures within partner companies;  
  • Inform policy proposals for the G7 and the G20 

In this challenging and disrupted world, and even more in the light of the Covid-19 crisis, women have to be fully associated to design a more just and inclusive economy and society. Therefore, we are strengthening our action across the Daring Circles to ensure that women are the leading force to shape the new world that humanity needs.