Our Meetings are an unmissable platform to be seen and to be heard, spanning across all continents. With global influence, we are committed to accelerating the transformation of the world. We pioneer in highlighting the voice of women leaders and in promoting their increasing role in the economy and society at all levels.

Women's Forum Global Meeting 2020

- Virtual Edition

Beyond recovery: designing an inclusive world

In this time of uncertainty, we strengthen our conviction to turn challenges into opportunities and explore new horizons to reinvent ourselves. With the very first blended Global Meeting, this November will be an opportunity for us to meet again physically and virtually in Paris after the crisis. We will continue our daring dialogues and cross-pollinate our ideas and innovations for an inclusive recovery where leaders and change-makers worldwide, both women and men, are inspired to redefine the norms, and reshape the new world map.

Women's Forum: A Call to the G7

- Virtual Meeting

Beyond recovery: Designing an inclusive world

In the face of the new reality instilled by this pandemic, we are bound together more than ever. Let’s dial-up our solidarity as we design an inclusive recovery: for the women who continue to be disproportionately affected, and for everyone else who needs their leadership and positive impact. This crisis has reminded us of how critical our work is: of the urgent need to reshape the world together, driven by our common purpose to accelerate inclusive progress.